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söndag, december 23, 2012

Let´s be serious and wish you a Merry Christmas.

Christmas, a white Christmas at least here where I live, is - and should be - a joyful and happy moment when kids of all ages gather and have fun, share gifts that Santa brought and on top of that eating a good Christmas dinner.
Unfortuneatly many on our globe have other conditions which they live under and cannot share our feast.
Not painting everything in grey I have to remind you about matters that concerns even us, our natural resources are not what they used to be, so let me remind you, and ask you, even beg you; please read the book Peeking at Peak Oil.
If we in the future are to have our wonderful Christmas gatherings and also wanting the kids in the underdeveloped countries to have the same, we must start to think, to behave as we have a huge responsibility to act now - tomorrow it might be too late.
We are not running out of oil, but we are running low on oil - no matter what new descoveries are being reported, unconventional or conventional, the demand is higher than the production.
Read the book and you will understand.
It´s not a domesday story, it´s a story built on more than ten years of research - facts in other words.

Now, enjoy a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2013. Now that you know......

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