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onsdag, december 05, 2012

An All White Day.

Hey, what is this?
Am I joking with you, no not at all - this is a picture of what it looks like looking out the window from my position, right now.
A blizzard, a snowstorm, terrible to be hit by if you have to go out, but I cancelled a visit to the doctor, a trip to Bromma in the car among other things, because I would have get stuck in the traffic or frozen to an iceberg, so I or we rather, decided to stay home and ride this blizzard out.

Hope, wherever you are, that it doesn´t look like this.

I promise you one thing, I will be back, more colourful than today.

Today, it looks like we are the purest country on earth, white and clean.
All Whites
What do you New Zealanders have to say about that,
you All Blacks?

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