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tisdag, oktober 20, 2015

Three cartoons, the Swedish senior-way.

This old chap has the right pose, it seems that he´s having a chat over his mobile-phone, but wait till you here what he says: "Can speak a little louder, I don´t have a mobile phone."

Yes, we are almost in the middle of October, in Germany and elsewhere, it´s being a reason to call for a fest - Oktoberfest. This guy is thinking for all that he´s worth: "I´m wondering if I should have another beer, and pretend it´s Oktoberfest?"

And after a few beers the man here is being on a higher intellectual level, and his thoughts are: "Life is much longer than I expected, about to get a bit boring."

Well, that´s all for today. Hope you enjoyed. /Olle

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