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onsdag, oktober 05, 2016

When someone leaves.....

Yes, ....a dear friend of ours, passed away two days ago.
When the news, the sad news hit like lightning, your world becomes numb, blocked from the outside everyday life, noises and activities.
You stare at your partner,, you try to find the words, but don´t know what to say...
...until one says "...wonder what happened to him?"
Was it his bad heart?
Or even worse, did he feel so bad that he had chosen to end on his own?
You4 thoughts are just tumbling around, you can´t think clearly and you only see the worse cause of your friends sudden death.
After a while, you pick yourself together, picks up the phone and call his closest neighbor.
And, thank´s goodness, it was a natural reason behind his unexpected death.
His heart failed him while driving his car, he had hit a wall at low speed, two nearby bystanders rushed to the scene to pull him out, hopefully to assist and give first aid.
They had called an ambulance and he was driven to the nearest hospital, where he died after arrival.
Yesterday the news reached us, we lit candles and stayed quiet for a long time.
It was difficult to go to sleep last night.
Now when we know that he has come to peace and don´t have to suffer from being lonely and feeling down, we have accepted that Bengt is gone for ever.
On a long and endless journey.
We miss you.
Safe travel and we´ll meet again.

Your dear friends
Olle and Mia

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