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lördag, maj 07, 2016

Mixedmedia art, the Swedish way

Mixedmedia? Thats a combination of different art media, nothing else.
When you can´t decide whether to paint, draw or print or something else, you just mix all these, or the techniques you prefer at the particular time.
Like the ones you see here, the top one: collage, coffee, leadpencil, different types of crayons. The one below: Chinese ink, pencil, color pencils, crayons - that´s all.

What I mean when I say "the Swedish way"?
I am Swedish, live and work in the country, so what else is there to say? Except, perhaps the fact, that these two pieces you see here, are influenced or inspired by Japan, China and the far East.

Writing this in English, hoping to get a response somehow, I wouldn´t say no to exhibit my works in Dubai, Hongkong, San Fransisco or Buenos Aires, so come on all you out there. 

So, please open up your doors for Swedish mixedmedia. ;-)

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